Zero-Joint Laser Edgeband

All E-Series doors fabricated with REHAU materials are finished with zero-joint laser edgeband applied with a true laser edgebander. The edgeband’s pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer replaces glue that is traditionally used, resulting in a superior and seamless joint between the edgeband and board. The bond is equal to or greater than PUR which creates an upscale finished product with long term quality.

Additionally, E-Series doors are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Benefits of Zero-Joint Laser Edgeband
  • Highest quality edge finish on the market.
  • Upscale finished product with long term quality.
  • Ability to achieve the look of a monolithic panel.
  • No glue joint to collect dirt, chip away, or yellow over time.
  • Finished bond is extremely heat and moisture resistant.
  • Overall increased durability.

RAUVISIO ferro™ metallic PET surface

Cast in refinement. From antiquity to modernity, metals have shaped our way of living at every turn. From all directions, eyes catch the warm and cool vibes of this metal-inspired surface while fingertips glide along its contours without leaving a trace. Light a spark of sophistication in your space with RAUVISIO ferro.

  • Soft touch finish.
  • Fingerprint, impact, and scratch resistant.
  • Mold and stain resistant.

Available RAUVISIO ferro™ Metallic Colors

Aegean Anchor
Empire Skyline
Gilded Arrow
Metro Motion

Available RAUVISIO ferro™ Metallic Door Styles


Due to the various differences in computer monitors and lighting the following colors should only be used as a simple color reference and not for actual color matching.