Quick & Easy Drawer Box Installation

Corona Millworks can construct drawer boxes that are notched, drilled, and clipped for the installation of undermount drawer slides. We carry adjustable and standard clips from Hettich, Blum, Salice, and Grass.  Matching slides are also available (including soft close options).

Notch, Drill, & Clip Information


  • Clips Available From: Blum, CMW, Grass, Hettich, & Salice
  • Wide Range of Undermount Slides Available
  • Concealed Undermount
  • Easy Box Installation and Removal
  • Increased Drawer Strength and Weight Capacity

Undermount Drawer Slide Specifications

Outside Drawer Width = Drawer Opening (-) Subtraction Factor

To calculate Outside Drawer Width, first determine Drawer Opening size and Drawer Side Thickness. Use Thickness to look-up Subtraction Factor on chart below. Then simply subtract Subtraction Factor from Drawer Opening size.

Side Thickness:

5/8″ (16mm)

9/32″ (15mm)

9/16″ (14mm)

1/2″ (13mm)

15/32″ (12mm)

Subtraction Factor:

3/8″ (10mm)

15/32″ (12mm)

9/16″ (14mm)

5/8″ (16mm)

23/32″ (18mm)

For Example: If you have an 18″ Drawer Opening with a Side Thickness of 5/8″, the Subtraction Factor is 3/8″. So in this case to calculate the outside drawer width the formula is: 18″ – 17-5/8″.

Corona Millworks is a wholesale cabinet supplier and we do not sell to homeowners direct. If you are a homeowner and would like to purchase from us, then please have your cabinet contractor contact us on your behalf.